Expert opinion on using product „EQ-BEDDING“ as horse stable bedding

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This expert opinion is based upon hooves condition of Holsteiner’s mare Rassante before and after placing „EQ-BEDDING“ into her stable box.

The mare lives in an English box with concrete floor surface covered with straw bedding. During my first visit (December 3rd 2011) I noticed mostly on hind hooves, the White Line Disease which looks something like this:

White line disease

I pointed out on unsustainability of such a condition and also warned that condition can get even worse. I trimmed the hooves and removed all the necrotic parts of infected hoof wall.

During my next visit (February 17th, 2012) because of the fact the bedding type was still the same (straw), I found advanced White Line Disease. Hooves had very strong odor of urine and manure and were very soft and moist. I trimmed the hooves removing significant parts of infected hoof wall. The hooves looked something like this:

Healed hooves

At that moment, the stable manager decided to replace straw bedding with EQ-BEDDING. During my next visit (March 6th, 2012), so three weeks after start of using EQ-BEDDING I noticed tremendous improvement of hooves condition. I haven’t found any sign of new infected and necrotic tissue. The frog was healthy, solid, and compact. In collateral grooves as well as in central sulcus of the frog I found no trace of infection. The white line had normal yellowish color all the length long. The surfaces around bars, heel buttresses and the seat-of-corn was clean and sound. I haven’t noticed any new sign of pathological changes
on the sole. Hoof wall started to show the sign of recovery and healthy growth. Hooves were completely odorless and dry.

Based on the information presented, I could conclude that EQ-BEDDING prepossesses horny tissues, its healthy growth and development. It also eliminates extremely negative influence of urine and manure to sensitive hoof structures and tissues. It significantly decrease the dampness in the horse boxes what is very important for hooves health, respiratory system health as well as overall soundness of the horse.

Nenad Dijanovic

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