Andrea Wicki-Mäder

Distelzar – Trakehner Stallion of the Year


The smart brown Distelzar will be chosen as the “Trakehner Stallion of the Year” at the 51st Trakehner Stallion Market, from 17th to 20th October.


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Distelzar Trakehner Stallion of the Year 2013 (photo © Tammo Ernst)


He is a “man of good qualities”, the type that you find every year at the Trakehner Stallion Market in Neumünster: Trakehner stallion Distelzar by Gribaldi, from Distelgold by Arogno.

Since 1995, important and influential sires have been awarded the title at the Gala Evening in Neumünster. Proud owner Marie-L. Wüthrich from Switzerland wouldn’t miss it for the world, and she will accompany the “Trakehner Stallion of the Year” to Neumünster.

The stallion is truly a perfect specimen of a sire: He has fathered a total of ten approved sons, for example premium stallions Donaustolz and Donaugold. Many of his offspring have had sporting success, and in addition the stallion has sired an impressive array of mares, including several state premium mares.  Distelzar himself won his 30-day test with 8.77, and scored the top mark of 10 for his ride-ability.  Even in his first crop of colts up for licensing, in 2004, the stallion provided reserve winner C`est bon. Distelzar consistently passes on his character, quality of movement and assiduity to his offspring. Since 2005, Distelzar has been ridden and trained by Andrea Wicki-Mäder, the niece of owner Marie-L. Wüthrich.  In 2008 he competed in the small dressage tour and completed his first Grand Prix competition in Switzerland in 2010/2011. The smart brown stallion was consistently convincing, and achieved third place in the Swiss Elite Championships. In 2010 Distelzar secured the rating ‘elite stallion’.

Distelzar was bred by Diana Grün from Gestüt Lindenhof am Berg in Gielert and was approved in October 2000 in Neumünster. His father is elite stallion Gribaldi by Kostolany, who has produced so many great stallions and sport horses, including half-trakehner Totilas.  Damsire Arogno has been one of the “stamp stallions” of the Trakehner riding horse breed since 1946, which has influenced diverse warm-blooded breeds.

Even at his licensing in Neumünster, Distelzar attracted a great deal of attention, despite his youth, with his sovereignty and overall impressive nature.  He showed a high level of quality of movement and intelligent jumping skills – and there was quickly a premium for the young stallion.  Just a few months later, in early 2001, Distelzar created a real sensation at Klosterhof Medingen.  For a top price of 600,000 euros, a sum never before seen at the elite auction at Klosterhof, Distelzar changed hands – from Klosterhof to Marie-L. Wüthrich from Switzerland.

Distelzar continued in an exemplary fashion, becoming Trakehner riding horse champion in Hannover in the summer, creating a stir at the National German Horse Championships, and becoming ride-ability champion at the 30-day tests in the autumn, as well as securing second place in the show jumping out of the 25 young stallions that were presented.  This all quickly had consequences, as even the Hannoverian and Oldenburg breeding associations took on the Trakehner stallion, thus securing special crossbreeding genes.

In 2010 Distelzar received the title of elite stallion, and now this son of Gribaldi, born in 1998, is returning to the Holstenhallen to receive a new title – in exactly the same place where, on 28th October 2000, with an approval and award for the young Trakehner stallion, a great career began….

Distelzar doesn t make competitions any more. He is in retire now and in elevation.