Experience of professional horse rider

Kenneth Chang

EQ-bedding is a very innovative product that has been introduced to my stable. My horses loves it and feels very comfortable with it. It helps to create a pleasant smell and atmosphere around the horses, also reducing labour work in maintaing the boxes clean. I am very happy with the product and the results it has produce!



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Expert opinion on using product „EQ-BEDDING“ as horse stable bedding

WFA Certificate

Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, resized for header

This expert opinion is based upon hooves condition of Holsteiner’s mare Rassante before and after placing „EQ-BEDDING“ into her stable box.

The mare lives in an English box with concrete floor surface covered with straw bedding. During my first visit (December 3rd 2011) I noticed mostly on hind hooves, the White Line Disease which looks something like this:

White line disease

I pointed out on unsustainability of such a condition and also warned that condition can get even worse. I trimmed the hooves and removed all the necrotic parts of infected hoof wall.

During my next visit (February 17th, 2012) because of the fact the bedding type was still the same (straw), I found advanced White Line Disease. Hooves had very strong odor of urine and manure and were very soft and moist...

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EQ-Bedding – favorite bedding for cats

Zdrava mačka

Dear Sirs,

Being a user of your product ”EQ – Bedding” I had the need to use this opportunity and thank you for your excellent product that solved the problem of maintenance of my many pets .

In fact, as I have 15 cats and keep them in a controlled breeding I had a big cost with purchasing sand and other litter for cats , but also the problems with a large amount of ammonia from urine  as well as the rapid consumption of materials .

Your product saved me and helped me , and embellished hygiene maintenance, so finally me and my cat can be satisfied with what we have. Biodegradation is excellent , not even a trace of  ammonia even after prolonged use or trail, a pleasant smell in the room , and litter lasts and lasts that of course leads to great savings in money.

I’m so glad I found o...

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Great, revolutionary horse litter

EQ habitat

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have been searching for good litter for horses for many years, however each solution presented us with many problems (eg product storage, dust,etc). Finally, we discovered your company last year, and your product has solved all our problems.

After using this product for a year, we had a clear idea of its many advantages, such as: it is easily and always available, it is easy to maintain, it does not create dust, it requires little space for storage, it neutralizes all unpleasant odors in the barn, it is good for the respiratory tracts of horses and other animals, and it has longer durability resulting in fewer changes of litter.

Moreover, we discovered that the horses’ hooves are stronger and easier to maintain, and that their coats shine more.

With first replacement...

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Đakovo and Lipik State horse stables

Slika g. Korabi

Dear Sir/Madam,

Further to our conversation, I attach an opinion on the substrate for horse boxes you provided to us for testing.

The substrate proved to be very good at absorbing fluid from urine and feces, and at neutralizing odors, especially when compared with the conventional horse box litter of wheat straw. With respect to maintenance, cleaning stalls was less physically demanding, and cleaning time was significantly shorter than with wheat straw litter (only a matter of a few minutes). Moreover, the length of the same background in boxing is much longer compared to conventional wheat straw litter.

Kind regards.
PhD Nidal Korabi
Director of the National Stud Farm Ðakovo and Lipik

State horse stables Đakovo and Lipik
August Šenoa 45, 31400 Ðakovo

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