WHAT IS EQ – BEDDING ®?                                                                    

In front of you is a revolutionary, absolutely natural, EQ – Bedding ® mat for all the animals that are kept in stalls, cages, for litter pans, terrariums, etc.

It consists of a wooden dust free soft wood pellets, natural mixture that breaks down ammonia and five kinds of herbs – lavender, marigold, sage, lemon balm and laurel.

Mat is the subject of invention that was awarded with gold and silver medals on numerous international exibitions of inovations. It is a product of Croatian intelligence and hard work.

Mat acts to break down ammonia with 95% efficiency so there is no more health or odour problem during use.

Bedding needs to be aerated ones per day – turning over in stables or boxes with large animals and mixing or by shaking the litter pans with pets.

In large animals in stables during aeration with thick plastic villas sift dropings that are found.

With pets pick droppings from the surface of pellets.

And that’s all the work through 30-60 days of using EQ-Bedding.

After using bedding with large animals litter is deposited on a clean flat surface and turns into mature compost in time of two to three months – which is 10 times faster composting of what occurs in nature due to our natural mixture that breaks down ammonia.

Sales derived compost (potting soil, planted, fertilizer) have returned the money invested in bedding, or even made profit, because the growth in volume and mass for the time spent in the barn gets up to 700 litters of high quality compost.