First EQ-bedding product has been developed for horses and later we found out that thru combining elementsof EQ-bedding we can apply it on all ground animals.

It’s amazing and unique that same mat with minimal cleaning – and actually tumbling once daily may be useful, healthy and very comfortable riding 20-60 days, depending on the biology of the individual horse. You’ll notice that when the mat sift – horses and lay on it, and roll and rub on bedding which cleans them and keeps their coat and skin healthy.

About the extremely fast healing of white lines disease of the hooves you can read here.

EQ – Bedding mat means a whole new way of keeping horses, because instead of having to do clean condition – pick up on his horse.

After use the horse blanket Bring on a clean, flat surface, soak it with water and produce compost. Details about compost production you can read here.




In standard box (10 m²) place six bags of EQ Bedding pellets, cut the bags out on the box flore and pure 4 litres of clean water per bag. After 10 minutes  distribute the pellets – now wood dust evenly in the box.

Once per day muck out the droppings that did not disolve in he bedding. While doing this you are areasing the bedding and allowing the good environment for processes in the bedding. In time the bedding will increase its volume from 5 to 7 times and by the enf of usage become saturated (full of manure in composting proces) and will loose the abillity to accept further extrements.

The time that EQ – Bedding spends under the horses is diferent with each individual horse and can be explained with this two examples:

a) A horse that drinks a lot of water, especially taking sip of water with every bite of food, and has no habit of putting dropings in a corner of a box – estimated time in the box = 20 DAYS,

b) A horse that has a habbit of putting droppings in a corner of a box and hase normal water consumption = up to 60 DAYS.

After that time you should proseed to compost production.

If you clean the droppings three time per day the bedding can last up to 75 days.