Packaging for domestic animals (Cattle)

Composition: Cleaned wood pellets, lavender, marigold, lemon balm, sage, bay leave, a mixture of herbs


Usage: In the barn set 15kg EQ – Bedding pellets at 100 kg live weight of animals, cut the bag open and  pour 4 liters of plain water on the pellets. After 10 minutes, when pellets disolve into sawdast, evenly distribute it under the location that animal ocupies. Gradually the volume of  the sawdust will increase to five times. Once a day, the pellets need to turned over and during that proces remove the feces that you find during this proces.

The pellets will eventually, after a month or two, become dense with increased humidity and you should take it out of the stable. Proseade to the production of compost.


Usage: In the poultry set one bag EQ – Bedding pellets at 3 square meters of coop. On each bag of pellets add 4 liters of water and wait 15 minutes until the pellets disintegrate. Deploy pellets evenly. Every two days stir the pellets  – and that’s all. After mixing, you’ll notice that the birds are satisfied and cleaning feathers in sawdust.

The pellets will last until the end of the rounds of poultry – the larger poultry maximum of three months. After using the pellet (60-90 days)  access to the production of compost.

Details about the production of compost here.