Afer the time spent in the stable take the saturated pellets out on the flat clean surface of ground. Regardles of time of year, compost pile has to be optimaly moist and well drained.

This you will easely test if you take the composting material from aproximately center of composting mass and press it in a fist. There should not be a likeage of water from the fist but when you open your palm the clod should not desintegrate.


Leave the pellets to compost from two to three monts during which time the compost mass will become black.

In the case of large amounts of precipitation – rain, snow, it is necessary to cover the compost mass with waterproof material.

Riddle the compost and contact your EQ – Bedding distributor for sale, or use it for your needs.

Sample analysis compost mixture of EQ – Bedding (93-94/12) were performed in the Laboratory for physic-chemical testing Croatian Forest Research Institute in Jastrebarsko.

From the results it is evident that the reaction is alkaline pH (pH> 7.2)

Supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is very rich. It is best supplied with potassium.

Report on chemical analysis for fertilizers and enhancers

Report on chemical analysis for fertilizers and enhancers